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About us
OSH Introduction
About us
The School of Occupational Safety and Health was established in 2002 for the purpose of making experts in the field of occupational safety and health, in response to the need of such experts in our country. Now, we are running the School in keeping with the national policy of “preventing occupational accidents and securing the laborers’ safety and health.” We explored various important issues of safety and health caused on occupational occasions in order to improve the work conditions of our employee, increase the competitiveness of industries, and maintain the prosperity of national economy.
The School has a B.S. program (recruiting 60 students each year) and an M.S. program (started in 2007).Currently, we have 11 full-time faculty members, who teach, research, and render service with good equipment, sufficient space and financial support.
In Taiwan, under the restriction of the
labor safety and health law, once students graduate from a bachelor of occupational safety and health, are qualified to be as industrial safety/hygiene engineers, and/or supervisors in private sectors, as well as to serve for governmental agency. Students have a great opportunity to join the high-tech and general industries as Taiwan is the most powerful island for the innovation technology.
Educational Goals
1.To enhance the students’ expertise with regard to fundamental knowledge and skill.
2.To increase general knowledge, ethical sense, and humanist spirit.
3.To develop capability in management and communication.
4.To improve the students’ ability to think independently, solve problems practically, and create inventively. 
5.To broaden perspective and world view for each student.